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Frequently asked questions

General FAQ
- Why does the level sometimes finish though all apples hadn't been taken yet?
Known bug, which exists in Across too. If you take one apple exatcly same time with both wheels the game thinks you took two apples instead of one. In Long Haul, Animal Farm, Hooked it's most likely to happen. Mail the author of the game and tell to fix this bug. Your state can be fixed if you send it to telling about the bug.

- Can you throw me the registered version?
Nope. Elma & Across are such great games that you really should pay for them. $9.95 can't be too much.

- What are teams for?
The main idea of teams is that friends can play together (maybe multiplaying if possible, compare times) and change replays inside the team. You don't have to do anything special to get own team, just decide the name and begin to have the letters after your nicks. Make a team site if you know html.

- Why the world records aren't available as replays?
The driver of the record decides if he shares his recs. So, if someone doesn't want to share his recs, we cannot publish them.

- How many hours in a day the professionals play?
It varies very much. Someone can play the game over 50 hours a week but most of good players play less than 15 hours.

- How long do I have to play to get a WR?
Average players have to play, let's say, several months, to become a player who can drive WRs. After that several months' period you just have to hoyla one level over and over (maybe for weeks) to get the WR. But when you are a real professional you don't have to hoyla so much. Many kuskis have said they had taken a WR with a few tries. There have also been some very talented players who have taken their WR after playing for one month only.

- The replays I downloaded don't work, what to do?
Just the first 18 levels are available in shareware version so only the replays for those levels work in shareware. Also note that Elma replays don't work in Across and Across replays in Elma even though Across levels work in Elma. The place for .rec files is a subdirectory named "rec/" in Elma folder. To watch replays you need to run Elma.exe, go to Replays in menu and choose the replay you want to watch.

- How can I play the levels I downloaded from your site?
You need a registered version to play the external levels (some of the levels available on Moposite may work with Shareware version too). Extract the zip and put the .lev files to your lev directory which is under Elma directory. Then run the game, go to 'Play' in menu and scroll up. Choose the 'External File' and browse the level you want to play.

- How I use the lgrs I downloaded?
Rename it to "Default.lgr", put to lgr folder and it's used in internal levels. You can also use lgrlist.txt or make own levels for non-default lgrs. More >>

- I want to create own lgr, what to do?
Just go to Moposite's lgr page to read guides >>

- What is supervolt / alovolt / brutal volt?
All answers are on Dictionary page >>

Elma FAQ
- Elma crash if I have too many levels/replays/lgrs!
Take newer version. It has some other fixtures too.

- When will Elma 2.0 be ready?
Visit here and read.

- Can I have Elma internal levels as externals?
Yes, rename some external level file to QWQUU0xx.lev where xx is the number of the internal you want. Then just run the game and go to the editor. If you want to change the levels and play it you have to save as different name.

- How to set gravity in levels?
In editor take a 'move' tool and click right button on the apple, there you can choose the gravity. A tip: usually people don't know how to use gravity well so forget that option.

- How to make grass in levels?
Now it's time to open readme.txt of the game, search for the word 'grass' and you get the answer. More level designing tips can be read on pyste elama.

- Can I merge/connect many state.dats to one?
Yes. Rename another state.dat to merge.dat and open Elma (so you have one state.dat and one merge.dat in your elma directory). After quiting the game you have all times merged to state.dat.

- How to take a screenshot in Elma?
Just press "i" while playing and the picture appears to your Elma directory.

- When I finish a level the game gives an alert "Could not open/save blaa blaa".
Choose all Elma files with mouse and click right button. Pick up "Properties" and take off the cross of "read only".

- How many secret areas there are in the internal levels?
Five. On Moposite you can find replays to see how to drive to them, but don't watch them before trying to find them yourself. Also in Hehe and Turnaround you cannot find any official secret areas. MUe text in Bowling isn't a secret area either >>

- Can Elma be run on a Unix-based system?
Yes, just see the instructions. There is also an Elma version for FreeBeOS.

- Elma is lagging under XP.
Some tips >>.

Across FAQ
- How can I get a registered version of Across?
First buy Elasto Mania (
here). After that you can ask Across from Balazs, the author of Across and Elma. Mail him and ask to send registered version of Across. In your email please include your Elasto Mania order name, and an approximate order date.

- Why can't I see all my replays to the end?
All replays stop at 4 minutes, that's the maximum lenght of a .rec

- Why can't I see all my levels in the external levels list?
There's a limit of 600 external levels in Across, check also that the files are in same folder than Across.

- How can I see the exact time of the replay?
You can't. By pressing "T" in the game, you can see the time but the replays' times always lie about 0.02 - 0.04 seconds.

- How do I take screenshots?
Create an empty file (size 0 bytes) named "snap.en" into Across directory and then press "i" when playing. The shot will come to Across directory as Snap??.pcx
Copyright by Lassi Heikkinen and Pekka Tahkola, 1998-2004. All rights reserved.