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First time here? / General Info: The subject tells everything.

Across info: The info page about Action SuperCross.

Elma info: The info page about Elasto Mania.

Order: Order Elma or Across, it costs only $9.95. There are many different payment methods but the most interesting one is ordering the game on "Elma Forever CD" which includes registered versions of Elasto Mania and Action SuperCross but also a lot of other stuff like Elma Crime Movie. Please take time and look at Elma Forever CD page >>

Moposite info: A tiny summary of the crew, history and visitors of the Moposite.

Help: All instructions collected to one place.

Languages: The general info and some help to surf on Moposite told in different languages.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions related Elasto Mania and Action SuperCross.

Emails: Want to submit files / send emails to Moposite?

Help us: Support the scene by helping us.

Advertising: Make a good choice and advertise on Moposite.

Sitemap: Got lost? Maybe you find yourself here.
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