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General info

Welcome to the Moposite!
The idea of this site is to provide important or not-that-important information, news, stuff and even some fun related to 2-D motorcycle game named Action SuperCross and its sequel, Elasto Mania. For more detailed information, screenshots, requirements etc. of the games themselves, check their info pages.
- Elasto Mania >>
- Action SuperCross >>

On this site, you can find several contests, loads of replays (saved drives so you can see for example how a certain drive was driven, how to complete a hard level etc.), official and not-that-official records lists (such as official World Record list), graphics addons to the games (skins and lgrs) and lots of other interesting stuff.

Since the release of Action SuperCross, or more familiarly Across in 1997, the Across/Elma "scene" has been growing rapidly. We, the staff of this site, indeed are conscious of the problem that too much of this site is understandable for an inside group only. Having ourselves been involved to the inside group since the early beginning, it's a bit hard to think from an outside view, but we are trying our best. You all are welcomed to the world of Across and Elma, the beginning might not be too easy, but bit by bit you will come along. We should say it will definitely be worth it, although we are no longer sure about that, fifth year among these games you see :].

The scene consists of various things, such as teams which are a group of people who play the games, getting advance of others in the team, by sharing replays and so on. Many teams have their own websites, you can access them via the links page. Other important area of the scene is #across channel at ircnet where discussion is quite free though being somewhat controlled.

If you feel you can play the games and understand the site at least a bit, why not to add yourself to the Kuski gallery? The kuski (kuski means a player, it's a finnish word) community includes a lot of interesting things about the real live of us, the players of these games.

Something still not clear? Check out the Help and Mopolauta online discussion area, ask your question there or check if it already has been answered. Other choice is the IRC-channel. Or then you can just email us. We will try to answer your questions.
Copyright by Lassi Heikkinen and Pekka Tahkola, 1998-2004. All rights reserved.