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IRCnet and channel #across

The ircnet channel #across was found by px and bluu in 1998. It wasn't a big channel at that time, but grew bit by bit and has now for long time been the biggest Across/Elma related irc channel. About the same rules stand in #battle too.

Channel rules
- Maximum 9 chars in nick
- "Don't flood, you ain't Moses"
- Use some common sense when greeting
- The main language is English (Acrossish), other languages are allowed only in special circumstances
- Two persons can talk in private as well (unless the subject is about sex)
- No colors allowed
- No autorejoin or repeating allowed
- Replay begging in privates
- Do NOT beg for ops
- Do NOT list all the people one by one (skint0r!!! Totti_ICE!! Xodok-o_O!!11)
- Also leave those dozens of exclamation marks away
- Unnecessary nick changing isn't allowed
- #across is not a place for horseplaying
- Don't use too much /me (what is much? Operators decide that)
- Annoying scripts are not allowed either (what's annoying? Operators decide that)

Current crew
px, tura, vender, Tisk, Karlis, Abula, Sathy, skint0r, cyre and SveinR. In the past, also Zooyork, Rampage, Shorty, Sniper, bluu, kuiva, Toble and kimitys have also had the operator status.

How to get in?
Do you want to get in #across? It's easy, just connect to your Internet Service Provider's ircnet server and join channel #across. The best irc program for beginners is probably mIRC, get it at

Topics, quotes, logs
- Some good or not that good topics from #across >>
- Best lines from #across collected (and edited) by Abula, part #01 >>
- Some channel statistics >>

Other channels
There are a bunch of other (mainly national) elma related channels where the rules are different.
- #elastomania
- #battle
- team channels
<Filus> i am willing to trade my state.dat for the rec of 2:00:57 on apple harvest

*** kuiva has quit IRC (se mikä on missä tulee mistä menee hirvi on keltaisella minä en)

<Kimi_> ensinnäkin mulla mulla on muija,ja toisekseen oon saannu pesää (twice)

<hazo-> Tisk kijtotin värin

<Karlis_FM> 654

<murkku> ku joku tietäis kuka carnifex oikesti on...

*** Quits: karlsleep (elämä on kuin recci, aina jollain on parempi)
Copyright by Lassi Heikkinen and Pekka Tahkola, 1998-2004. All rights reserved.