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20:19 EET (GMT+2)
- First time here?
- World Records
- Total times
- Levels
- Replays
- World Cup 5
- Mopolauta
- Kuski gallery
- Mopobattles
Welcome to Moposite

Elasto Mania or familiarly Elma (first version was named Action SuperCross, Across) is simply a very addictive motorbike simulation game. Moposite is fully dedicated to this one the most famous small games in the world. Hopefully both the game and the site offer you good entertainment for a long time.

After installing the game you will probably want to upgrade the game to the newest 1.11hb version. It's an unofficial patch including bug fixes, new rec watching features and much more.
- Version 1.11a >>
- Patch 1.11hb >>
- Old versions Across 1.1 & Across 1.3

- World Records >>
- World top100 best total times >>
- World top10 best times >>
- British records >>
- British top50 best total times >>
- British top10 best times >>

You can submit your own times to the lists by sending the state.dat file to and telling the name you use in the game, nick, which you want to the lists, possible team and nationality.

Moposite has several different kinds of contests. Here we describe the most popular ones.
- Kinglist (different kinds of levels where the main goal is to drive the fastest time) >>
- Level of month (your mission is to design the best level of the month) >>
- Official levelpacks (drive the fastest times) >>

You can download the levels on the Moposite's Level downloading page. Then you play the levels and try to drive faster times than the current ones on the lists. If you manage to improve the records you can send the replay file (.rec) with nick, possible team and nationality to and your record will be added to the page. Also remember to tell the name the level file (.lev). In the Level of month contest your mission is to include the specific theme to the level. The jury gives points according to the design, playability and theme including of the level. The level must be sent in before the end of the month to

- Official levelpacks (about 15000 levels available) >>
- Professional replays >>
- Funny replays (cool, fun, sick) >>

Put the levels to "lev" folder and replays to "rec" folder (they are subfolders in Elasto Mania folder). In the game menu choose "Play" then "External file" and you should be able to see the levels listed. You need WinZip program to unzip the zip files >>

- Music >>
- Videos and pictures >>

- Mopolauta (discussion board, most of the talk is in English) >>
- #across in IRCnet is probably the most popular Elma related irc channel.

internal levels = Warm Up, Flat Track ... Apple Harvest (all 54 levels)
total time = all your internal level records summarized, check stats.txt file in your Elasto Mania folder
kuski = player (nick name)
team = team
nat. = nationality
time = time
updated = updated
file name = file name
level name = level name
level = level, track, map
replay = replay of your drive, video, demo
This page offers basic info about Elasto Mania and Moposite. We provide a guide to our site, give the most important links and explain the essential terms in your language.
- in English
- suomeksi
- magyarul
- בעברית
- cesky
- på svenska
- auf Deutsch
- på norsk
- En español
- På dansk
- en français
- In het Nederlands
- по русски
- po polsku
- em português

Is your language missing? Could you translate and help us? Please contact to