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At first we guide you to the official order page of Elasto Mania and Action SuperCross >>

When you register Elasto Mania for only $9.95, you will get the full version with 36 new levels and the full editor. Registration is fast and easy.

When you register the game, you have the choice of two methods of shipment:
- You may either choose to get a download URL - In this case you can download from the WEB the full game within usually one business day after your order.
- Or you can choose to get the full game on a floppy disk. If you get the game on a floppy disk, you have to add a $5 shipment fee.

Shipment by giving you a download url
If you choose to get a download URL, YOU MUST SPECIFY YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS in addition to your street address. When the order taking company processes your order, it gives to Balázs (the author of the game) your email address within one business day after your registration and Balázs instantly sends you an email giving you the URL where you can download the full game. A URL is something like this: You can download the game by using your favorite Internet Browser such as Netscape or Internet Explorer. You just need to enter the URL into your Browser and download the game to your disk. The size of the file to download is 1.3MB. You have five days to download the game after Balázs sent you his email. If you don't know how to download a file from the Internet, you should not choose this method of shipment, choose instead the floppy disk version of the game.

Shipment on a floppy disk
If you choose to get the game on a floppy disk mailed to you, please add $5 (this shipment method is much slower than the download URL method).

Ordering the game
Important: If you choose to get a download URL, YOU MUST SPECIFY YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS in addition to your street address.

You can order Online, by FAX, by Mail or by Phone >>

If your browser doesn't support secure transactions please click here to order.

Ordering the beos version of the game
You can order the BeOS version of the game from

Upgrading for free from any registered version of action supercross
If you are a registered user of any version of Action Supercross, you can upgrade to Elasto Mania 1.0 for free. Just send an email to in which please list the following: your registration name and an approximate date when you registered the game.

After that Balázs will instruct you in email where you can download from the web the upgrade installation package. The upgrade package needs the registered 1.2 version of the game to install. This upgrade offer is valid only in the above form through 9/2000.

Ordering the dos version (Action SuperCross)
Elasto Mania runs under Win95/98/2000 with DirectX 5.0. If you have DOS, you can get the old version of the game also. To get Action Supercross registered version for DOS, please order Elasto Mania by asking for a download URL. After you get this URL, please send an email to asking for a download URL for Action Supercross. In your email please include your Elasto Mania registeration name and an approximate date when you registered the game. In Balázs reply email he will send you the URL (Action Supercross cannot be ordered to get shipped to you by Postal Mail on floppy disk).

If you need technical assistance or any questions, send an e-mail to

Elma forever cd
Also you can order Elasto Mania Forever CD which includes registered Elasto Mania, Action SuperCross (older version) and lots of stuff related to Elma. More info here. This is probably the easiest and the most convenient way of getting the game.
Under 10$ can't be much for such a great game and huge number of spending hours among it. You can send the money afterwards to Balázs too. For sure it would increase the possibility to get a new version. And hey, some morality. Warezing is illegal.
Official order page >>
Copyright by Lassi Heikkinen and Pekka Tahkola, 1998-2004. All rights reserved.