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Send emails to the following addresses with reasonable subjects. Also remember these eight spots.

1) Use your common sense
2) In the subject you must tell what section it's about. Don't just write "rec", "one record by me" or "HI" etc.
3) Always write times to the mail with exact file names (no level names)!
4) Rename recs sensibly (for example: if Abula has driven a record for Höylä mission #21, the rec has to be named like HM21Abu.rec), dont ever rename recs according to level name, only to the file names.
5) Tell your nick and possible team
6) Zip recs into ONE zip file.
7) Only one thing in one mail. So don't mail your new lgr and contest records in same email.
8) There are special instructions for each section, follow them.

The exact instrcutions you find on the pages that are in question. However here is a simple list of our email addresses and stuff we're waiting to which box.