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Moposite has a big bunch of contests available for all kind of players variating from level designers via cup hoylas via external level kings to internal level kuskis. Just browse through the sections under Contests and you get some idea. Levels for playing you get on Downloads section. Rules of competing in contests are written in certain pages.

Kinglist: Traditional external level contests. Download different kind of levels and hoyl them as long as you want.

World Cups: The most famoust contest in the scene. Every week (during the cup) one level is published and people play it like hell. After a week we check the results. Who and what team reached the most insane time.

Mopobattles: 30 minutes, one level and about 30 participants. This is not about hoyling but skills. Who finds the best style and can use it.

Total time in 24h: 24 hours time to get as good total time of internal levels as your skills are allowed to. A tip: don't sleep.

Level of month: A compo for the level designers. Every month a new theme is released and you design a level. Points are given by three raters who concentrate on playability, outlook and theme idea.

Official levpacks: Lots of levels. Records are pretty easy to beat even for amateurs. The levels have been picked up from Csaba's official level packs

Multiplaying: Play with your friend and break multiplaying records.

There are other smaller competitions on the Moposite which are not located under Contests section, here's a list of them:
- Elma forecast >>
- lgrs >>
- Single level reviews >>

Non-Moposite contests
- ALP >>
- Cah'Kon >>
- Höylä Competition >>
- Old-school >>
- Olliz Elma Cave >>
- One wheel contest>>
- Skint's levels >>
- pyste elama >>
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