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Level of the month

This contest is about level designing. Every month each designer can send one level to this contest. There is given a specific theme for each month which the designers have to include in their levels somehow. Three raters (Abula, psy and skint0r) will give points (about visuality, playability and theme handling) to very level and put them to top list. The winner is the one who has most points in the end of the year. The new theme is released just after the last month.

Pointing system
Points will be given for the ten best levs of every month (the levs are selected by Moposite crew). Scoring system: 1st gets 10 points, 2nd 9pts and 10th one point for the whole competition. All levels which have been sent in will be published. Each rater gives 1-10 points for all three spot (visuality, playability and theme). Also three extra points will be given for the best level name (marked as *), so the maximum points for one level is 93 points. If the designers have same total points, better theme points settle. If the theme points are same too, better playability points settle. If all points are same, better name settles (Abula decides). If the level name is same..blah, not possible..hopefully. Sometimes a level can get comments from the raters or Sathy (ex-rater).

Visuality means simply how good the level looks, playability how much you can hoyl (funny to play) and theme how good the theme has been included into the lev.

Levels are to be sent to, and only levs using Default.lgr will be accepted. Remember tell your nick, nationality, possible team and the theme (so we see you've understood or at least read the instructions). We'll delete your mail if some of those is missing. Also please leave the level unlocked and drive one base time. A deadline of sending in is the last day of the month.

You can also drive records to the levels. If you beat some of them just send the replay file telling your nick, nationality and possible team to .
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