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3:02 EET (GMT+2)
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World Cup 5

The fifth World Cup will differ a bit from the earlier cups. No more (hopefully) are we going to use email system for replay submitting. Instead, on this page will be put up a sending form. In order to use this, you need to have an active Mopolauta account. So, if you haven't got one, go register. You must use your Mopolauta nickname.

About events and levels
The cup will consist of 15 events. We will include at least one quite short (1-2 days) event in the cup. The exact time and date for this/these event(s) will be announced in advance. And in order to eliminate the possible inability to participate in these short events, they will be arranged as either-or a/b events, meaning that there will be an a-event and soon after that a b-event, but you can participate in only either one.

If you wish to submit levels, read this page >>

- In the cup, you are supposed to play a new specified external Elasto Mania level, one at a time, and get a result as good as possible, then submitting your result (.rec and .lev files) UNzipped using the form, that will (hopefully) appear below "Events and results"-section
- The levels to play will also appear below, with schedule
- Use Elasto Mania for playing
- Bugs, cheating, etc illegal things are not allowed
- There can be a time-/apple/some other limit in a level, to be able to participate, you need to get better result than the limit is
- If two or more persons get the same time, they will all get equal points which are e.g. (75+70) / 2 = 72,5.
- Make sure you submit your result in time. Exceeding the event deadline (that will be shown below, too) can result in time/result add-ons or disqualifying (for that event)
- You are allowed to submit your result only once per event

The punishments for misbehaviour, such as the replay was sent too late, replay isn't right, or expressing general bad attitude, will be decided according to the case.

Events and results (If event is a/b, you can play only either a or b, not both)
File Designer Winner Nat. Time & replay Playing time Results
WCup501 MP Karlis 51,95 Mon 2 May 12:00 EET - Sun 8 May 12:00 EET >>
WCup502 Rasken Luther 42,91 Sun 8 May 20:00 EET - Sun 15 May 12:00 EET >>
WCup503 a ramone Zweq 14,46 Sun 15 May 16:00 EET - Tue 17 May 10:00 EET >>
WCup503 b ramone TorInge 27,90 Thu 19 May 23:00 EET - Sun 22 May 12:00 EET >>
WCup504 skint0r Luther 2:15,90 Sun 22 May 16:00 EET - Sun 29 May 12:00 EET >>
WCup505 sleap TorInge 37,63 Sun 29 May 14:00 EET - Wed 1 June 10:00 EET >>
WCup506 Chazz The OooO 55,64 Wed 1 June 23:00 EET - Sun 5 June 12:00 EET >>
WCup507 zebra Luther 54,23 Sun 5 June 14:00 EET - Sun 12 June 12:00 EET >>
FEM Break - - - - - -
WCup508 Lozkin Jalli 26,80 Tue 21 June 02:00 EET - Sun 26 June 12:00 EET >>
WCup509 cyre axxu 1:13,95 Sun 26 June 16:00 EET - Sun 3 July 12:00 EET >>
WCup510 8-ball axxu 27,15 Sun 3 June 08:00 EET - Tue 5 July 22:00 EET >>
WCup511 jappe2 MP 43,14 Wed 6 July 00:01 EET - Sun 10 July 12:00 EET >>
WCup512 MP MP 1:29,29 Sun 10 July 14:30 EET - Sun 17 July 23:59 EET >>
WCup513 px MP 1:23,31 Wed 20 July 14:30 EET - Sun 24 July 23:59 EET >>
WCup514 Markku axxu 38,01 Sun 24 July 12:00 EET - Tue 26 July 22:00 EET >>
WCup515 Sierra Jalli 49,47 Tue 26 July 23:59 EET - Tue 09 August 12:00 EET >>

All World Cup levels and levelpacks >>
Almost all World Cup replays >>

Cup Standings
Player results >>
Team standings >>
Nationality standings >>

Points given from events >>

Traditional diplomas for top-ten and probably also some kind of trophys, now that we have some money thanks to donations (wink wink ;D)
In addition, the winner of the first event will be granted a free entrance to Finnish Elma Meeting 2005. If it occurs, that the winner has paid for FEM05 already, he will recieve his money back at the meeting, or alternatively he can donate the free entrance to someone else.


q: really? the rec and lev filenames can be anything?
a: yes. 5hadhj.rec is ok, fski53m.lev is ok

q: i didn't submit to the first event, can i still play other events?
a: yes

q: where do i type my time?
a: nowhere

q: is it possible to send in anything after the deadline?
a: you can try by email to wcv at moposite dot com, no guarantee of anything. the script won't allow you to send in late

q: what message should i get if submit was successful?
a: record successfully added

q: if i won't get such message?
a: try to submit again

q: what's that suffix thing for?
a: nothing, anymore, forget it

q: i forgot to save a rec of my best drive but want to submit my second best time?
a: submit normally with this form, then email wcv at moposite dot com with the correct time, nick team nat etc.

q: huh?
a: ircnet - #wc5

Copyright by Lassi Heikkinen and Pekka Tahkola, 1998-2004. All rights reserved.