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World Cup 5

About events and levels
Events/levels to play. Made by you, fellow kuskis. So, each player can design and submit up to three levels to the cup. Please, try to put effort on what you submit. No one wants four-minute fast-made speedloops, or such. Imagine, what people would like to play. Remember, a good level sorts people according to their playing skills and abilities. Yet, it's highly unlikely that I would choose under 20 secs or over three-minute levels to the cup.

What I would specifically appreciate, would be different kind of contests, maybe even not so time-dependant, such as how many apples you can collect, skijump contests and such. Original ideas are of course of high value, and of course you can submit plain suggestions and ideas to the cup too.

Note that the levels must of course be previously unreleased. Leave them unlocked, so that they can be modified before being published here as cup events. Name your level suggestions like "nick01.lev", nick being your nickname. Yet, you are allowed to play your own levels in the cup.

You can make your submission (even after the cup has started) by email to wcuplev at moposite dot com.

Copyright by Lassi Heikkinen and Pekka Tahkola, 1998-2004. All rights reserved.