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Reviewed levels

# Level Name Designer Good time Rating
01 Zed 01 Zo3non 28,10 78 pts
I like this level from the first time I played it. I didn't realise there was a shortcut involved for a while, until another player mentioned it! Even so, I prefer the 'normal' route to the lev. The shortcut is quite tricky, but this adds to the appeal of the level. It's quite an addictive level, with nice gameplay touches, such as the polygon on the left is a nice way of getting up to another layer. With the end of the level, a bounce technique is maybe the only solution, but I think touching the flower in mid-air is possible too.. Pics are nice and don't intrude with the gameplay, and it looks like time has been spent on the making the lev which is always nice.
- Timmo

# Level Name Designer Good time Rating
02 Basic System Olliz 47,20 76 pts
Of all of the Olliz levels I have tried, I think this is one of the better ones. The pictures in this level are well-placed and are original in position in some cases, such as the trees popping out of the ground near the beginning of the level. Olliz made nice use of some textures when he used brick for the triangle polygon. I think another positive to this level, is that there are a number of different areas where the style is not 'obvious', so the driver must choose the fastest way to execute the section. Finally, I would say that this level is maybe not a level one could play for an extended period of time. Although the interest is there at first, the level is, as the title hints, quite "Basic".
- ciph

# Level Name Designer Good time Rating
03 Never Forget the Super Swedes Gavelin 27,70 88 pts
To begin, I have to say, I really like levels that involve some of the famous drivers of Action Supercross and Elasto Mania. Not only does this level pay tribute to Elbono, Champi0n, Pajen, Dr Luni, TuA, UFO and King Kong, but it displays their names with a nice use of pictures and textures, which makes the level very nice to look at while playing. There are a few tricky parts to this level, such as the spike at the start, and the small tube, but with a little bit of playing, these parts being quite easy. This level is *very* höylä'able and can definately be played for a long time, with the challenge of entering the Top10!
- ciph

# Level Name Designer Good time Rating
04 I Hate Beginners Hemman 37,80 79 pts
The first thing that came to my mind when I tried this level, was "Not another HELL level, these levels are always too hard...", but after 5 minutes of playing this level, I had a completely different opinion of it. The pictures and grass in this level are well done, not over-used, and only add to the quality of the level. One nice part of the level is the circle at the beginning of the level. Overall, I found this level very good because it is a nice level to look at, and it is quite höylä'able.
- ciph

# Level Name Designer Good time Rating
05 Adventure Level BarTek - 91 pts
It's clear from the overall size of the level, that BarTek put a lot of time into making this 'Adventure'. In my opinion, the idea of having words hidden throughout the level for the kuski to find, is an excellent idea. It adds a whole new style of gameplay to Elasto Mania, which is refreshing from the hundreds of 'Go as fast as you can' levels. It can be a challenge to find the FOUR hidden words, but this is ok because it makes the level a challenge. The whole level has grass, which is nice, and the pictures are very well done. I liked how each section had a different dominant style, like Tree's, Barrel's, Hanging Leaves and Shrubs. This level is pretty sweet, and I hope BarTek or some other designer will make another Adventure level soon!
- ciph

# Level Name Designer Good time Rating
06 Star And Cave Explorer Hemman 57,00 89 pts
An important part of creating a good level is having original idea's throughout the level, as well as a thoughtful use of textures. This level is a great example of the creator taking the time to be certain the level is pleasant to look at. The use of grass, as well as the numerous textures used are a highlight of this level. Not only is this level a gem to look at, but it also has exceptional gameplay. It has a original start, which is nice because nobody likes flat ground starting positions. The "Hell Hill" is a fun part of the level, because much time can be gained or lost there, and it also adds some difficulty to the level. The only two negatives in the level are the awkward drop after the 'Hell Hill' and the somewhat difficult ending, although both can be mastered with a little practice.
- ciph

# Level Name Designer Good time Rating
07 Chain Level Project 15 people 6:54,14 90 pts
It took over a year to make this level and the reason is mainly that this level is made by 15 designers in all and each one of them had his own part before next one could do his part and so on, that's why it's called "chainlevel". Now, something about the level itself. The structure is quite expected. It is, as the title says, chained together of different parts and so, it is linear. I have to admit, I was quite suprised by the quality of the parts. Eventhough there are some very skilled designers I could not exactly tell which part is whose - not at all. Though you will see them as they are nicely written around the different parts. they are all playable and what's most important, no part is annoying. And by annoying, I mean for example a part where there is a big change of dying which is very important in a level like this as the level can last over ten minutes to finish. Yes, it is that long. Eventhough it is long, you will finish it quite often. Actually I finished the whole level with my very first run which was really positive. In this kind of level the challenge is not what you should face and this is very well done in this level. But don't worry, it is not too easy either. Graphical side of the level is quite good too which is positive as well; grass stays evenly thick reasonable well and there aren't much of bad picture placements either. Only thing which bothered me was actually the lenght, it is long and it takes time to finish but I guess that's something not to complain about since this is especially designed to be a level of that kind. All in all, I was positively suprised about this level and I think everyone who took part can be happy about it - after it's finally ready.
- dz

Only very small amount of levels sent in will be reviewed. Due to that fact you should be very proud and happy if you get in but not disappointment if not.
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