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Personal levelpacks

File Designer Size Nol Uploaded Link
abula_001-091 Abula 453kB 91 14 Sep 2002 >>
blake_001-038 Blake 130kB 38 14 Sep 2002 >>
hordasc_001-008 HordAsc 87kB 8 14 Sep 2002 >>
skint_001-089 skint0r 619kB 89 14 Sep 2002 >>
Nol = Number of levels

Notice that most of these levels are used in some record lists. To get name to the lists you have to drive the records to the levels you find behind the "link".

Remember that the first levels of each designer are the oldest ones and maybe not that great. Some of them are even five years old. Nostalgic. You probably see the development of the designer (if he has his all levels here).
To get levels here you first have to mail us to ask if we accept your levels to this page. We apologize we cannot host all the personal levelpacks (limited web space). Don't get disappointed.

The file names have to be named yyyyyxxx.lev where yyyyy is for the nick and xxx for the number. This really is the only way to name the levels we accept. You can update your levelpack every three months by mailing me your newest levels and telling us to upload them to this page.

Email address is .
Simplier listing >>
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