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Across SuperCross info

Action SuperCross was first published in October 1997 and it was immediately chosen the shareware game of the month in the biggest scandinavian computer magazine, Finnish MikroBitti. That might have caused that the game began to spread faster and faster. The 1.0 version of the game had 8 levels in the shareware version, 24 in the registered. There wasn't any level editor. Later came version 1.1 which included few bugfixes but nothing new. Across Teams began to develop, the first of which was ASC - Acrossive SuperCrossers, soon followed by EMT.

In April 1998, Across 1.2 was published. It had 16/42 levels (included almost every level from 1.0) and a very easy-to-use built-in track editor. Version 1.3 includes only the new registeration information and price.

Across system requirements
- Dos 5.0
- 486DX-33, 66 highly recommended
- 16 MB RAM
- VESA for SVGA modes
- SoundBlaster compatible soundcard for sounds

Download the 1.1 Shareware version of Across (1270 kB)
Download the 1.3 Shareware version of Across (1240 kB)

If you're willing to get a registered version of Across you must first order Elasto Mania after that you can ask Across from Balázs, the author of Across and Elma. Mail and ask him to send you the registered version of Across. In your email please include your Elasto Mania order number, your name and address. You can read these same things on the official site >>

Moposite is mainly concentrated to Elasto Mania because it's much popular and newer game. Therefore most sections of Moposite are dedicated to Elma but there are still some Across related pages:
- Across replays >>
- Across FAQ >>
- Across skins >>
- Across WRs >>
- Across total times >>
- World Cup 1 and 2k >>
- Community, stuff and links sections
Across screenshot 1

Across screenshot 2

Across screenshot 3
To get more info about Across read readme.txt of it.
Copyright by Lassi Heikkinen and Pekka Tahkola, 1998-2004. All rights reserved.