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Slesk replays

Last updated: 1 June 2003, table #14

Level Replay Kuski Category
Impsybility Hard Version slesk001 psy Pipe driving
World Cup 3, Event 17 slesk002 psy Pipe driving
Tunnel Terror slesk003 DeG Bike acting weird
Warm Up slesk004 psy Reaching for the roof in Warm Up
Bowling slesk005 Unknown Unusual way to finish
Steep Corner slesk006 Unknown Pipe Driving
Enigma slesk007 zyntifox Unusual way to finish
Steep Corner slesk008 Unknown Cruising
Labyrinth Pro slesk009 Unknown Unusual way to finish
Expert System slesk010 Unknown Pipe driving
Downhill slesk011 Unknown Wheels get stuck
Headbanger slesk012 elg Unusual way to finish
Uphill Battle slesk013 Unknown Bug bounce
Serpents Tale slesk014 Unknown Bug Bounce
Zig Zag slesk015 Unknown Bug bounce
Zig Zag slesk016 Unknown Bug bounce
Steep Corner slesk017 Abula Wheel goes through wall
Spiral slesk018 Janne Bounce and wheel goes through wall twice
Upside Down slesk019 Kibiz Continuous spinning
Hitech slesk020 Olliz Bike acting weird
Freefall slesk021 barbapappa Cruising
Animal Farm slesk022 MGen Struggling
Animal Farm slesk023 Unknown Bug bounce
Hangman slesk024 Unknown Unusual way to finish
Hill Legend slesk025 Unknown Bug bounce
Apple Harvest slesk026 Unknown Bug bounce
Pipe slesk027 Unknown Bug bounce
The Steppes slesk028 Barhom Continuous spinning
Upside Down slesk029 Gavelin Wheel goes through wall
Pipe slesk030 Ramza Cruising
Islands in the Sky slesk031 Jeppe Bug bounce
Slowness slesk032 Crazy Strange hanging
Slowness slesk033 Alazorn Slowness driven really slow
Serpents Tale slesk034 barbapappa Pipe driving
Spiral slesk035 barbapappa Cruising
Hi-Flyer slesk036 Olliz Cruising
Freefall slesk037 mtvcok Wheels get stuck
Serpents Tale slesk038 mtvcok Cruising
Jaws slesk039 ramone Bouncing
Slalom slesk040 ramone Unusual way to finish
Pipe slesk041 Unknown Bug bounce
Uphill Battle slesk042 Unknown Only backwheel used
Tunnel Terror slesk043 Unknown Wheel goes through wall
Tunnel Terror slesk044 Unknown Bug bounce
Headbanger slesk045 Unknown Driven with nitro patch
Long Haul slesk046 MacSucKS Wheel goes through wall
Sink slesk047 MopAq Pipe driving
Gravity Ride slesk048 Marty Continuous spinning
Headbanger slesk049 DarMoeD Pipe driven head first
Framework slesk050 Jonas Bug bounce
Animal Farm slesk051 Crazy Bug bounce
Steep Corner slesk052 Crazy Cruising
Steep Corner slesk053 Crazy Bug drive
Enigma slesk054 SHK Cruising
Freefall slesk055 Devin Cruising
Hill Legend slesk056 Unknown Bug bounce
Freefall slesk057 m0nkeii Wheel goes through wall
Impossibility slesk058 Jalli Pipe Driving
Impsybility Hard Version slesk059 Jalli Pipe Driving
S M slesk060 BoneLESS Bike acting weird
Bumpy Journey slesk061 Lakimies Pipe driving
OLP06 Killer Dumping slesk062 ZenitH Killer dodging
Uphill Battle slesk063 Plames Impossible
fun2 slesk064 milagros Impossible
Bumpy Journey slesk065 Plames Impossible
Bumpy Journey slesk066 sk8bft Lucky hanging
Da Pipe II slesk067 Joel Pipe driving head first
Freefall slesk068 CuLiNo Lucky hanging
Hi-Flyer slesk069 Plames Bug bounce
Enigma slesk070 John Bug bounce
Pipe slesk071 Beem Pipe driving
New Wave slesk072 barbapappa Bug Bounce

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Slesk is a word meaning nothing and everything. Maybe words like insane, crazy, cool, funny would be pretty suitable in this context.
If you have a slesk replay send it to telling your nick, possible team and nationality. If the replay has been driven to an external level file, include the level to the mail.
Across slesk replays here.
Copyright by Lassi Heikkinen and Pekka Tahkola, 1998-2004. All rights reserved.