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Don't know some word's meaning? Hopefully you find the answer here.

Alovolt (posted by Mick & ciph)
There is a special trick in Elma called Supervolt which is done by pressing both left and right rotates simultaneously. Alovolt stands for Alone supervolt which means making an instan supervolt without the preceding normal volt beforehand. Alovolt is very hard to do without 1.11h(b) patch. Read more on Mopolauta >>

Brutal volt
Volt that you can make on the flat ground. More on Mopolauta >>

Drive Farsund! (posted by Ambulance)
To have a total time over 50 minutes, and being proud of it.

External levels is a level that isn't internal levels, heh. Internal levels are the levels inside the game that Csaba made, the 'official' levels (Warm Up, Flat Track and so on. When you make own level it's external. In principle you cannot export the internals to the editor to edit but only the external levels (unless they're locked).

That "name" was originally invented by Nikke. It means a person who plays and plays and plays and plays and plays. Some höyläs can even play a single track for hours without break, when something goes not-perfectly, a quick press of Esc and a new try. Some also skip classes and stuff just to play a bit more.

Check 'External'.

Kuski means Elma driver, rider or just Elma player.

Mopo means a motor bike, lauta is literally a board.

n00b (posted by barbapappa)
A beginner in Elma scene who neither can hoyl very good or understand the complex structure of Elasto Mania scene.

You wanna know what it means? Only norwegians know, it could be something like 'crazy, cool, weird'.

Press the both rotation keys simultaneously. That should cause the bike rotate faster. This only works to the clockwise direction, but it still helps.

The frog / fart / Jumping-Jack / Launcher (posted by oRioN & rQ-€% & Marty)
The jump you can do with your bike when the wheel is pressured.

To do the Elbono (posted by oRioN)
To not update the site for years...

To do the Jokke or Karlis
You can do the Jokke or Karlis if you find a very new time-saving style in some internal (maybe also in external?) level. Jokke improved Labyrinth Pro about 30 secs with new bounce style. Karlis drove 15,52 on Steppes when current WR was 22,4x. Karlis' another improvement was Freefall (from 33,65 to 18,60). Those kind of tricks are very rare today.

To do the Markku
You can do the Markku if you rise to the top-3 in total time list (or something like that) from the extreme unknowness like Markku did in Across.

To do the zyntifox
You can do the zyntifox if you improve your World Record 5 times in a row. He did it two times: first one was from table #015 to table #019 and every time he improved 0.01 secs on Flat Track, another one was Warm Up (from #028 table to 033#) and in this time he improved WR 6 times by 0.01 seconds each time!! This is impossible to beat, isn't it?

Tunkki (or variaattori) (posted by Cloud)

why???? (posted by psy)
Whenever a 11-years old swede (or norwegian) asks you for something and you decline, they start flooding "why????, pleas me wan't spread, pls... send... why???????++" so after a while it became a joke among some people.

In simple way they mean: World Record, Swedish Record, Norwegian Record, Finnish Records, Team Record, Single Player, Multiplayer and Personal Record

8km (posted by Elbono)
Some unknown wannabe-höylä who gets unusual high points on some Wcup event.
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