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We don't take this game too seriously or..? However, Elma is not worth cheating. You cannot get any money or other benefits, only ruin others' fun. Unfortunately there are and will be always those losers, cheaters.

Black list (it's the worst shame in Elma scene to get here)
- DarMoeD: cheated 56 WRs and the victory of WCup4
- Weird-AAL = AAL-Owen = Deadelous = Nostrada: cheated about 40 WRs
- mrDJ = Sir Evil X = Satan = EML: cheated many WRs
- mrickx = Tutin = Quido: cheated many WRs
- Samu: cheated one WR
- Elmander: cheated one WR
- Lucian: cheated in WCup4 and internals (not any good times)
- Totalnew: cheated many WRs
- Ambulance: cheated two WRs and stolen & spread others' recs publically
- Karlis: cheated three WRs
- zyntifox: cheated two WRs
- onlainari: million different nicks: cheated (at least) one WR
- MoSH-MaN: cheated one WR
- MrOiZo = oizo!: cheated one WR
- Dyrox = Xian = Phoenix = Dreyfus: state.dat editing

Rules & punishments
- Usually the ban will be one year (not allowed to participate to any of the Moposite contests)
- All incorrect times will be fixed in the lists and statistics
- Creating a new nick name to play during the ban means a forever ban
- Rules defined above can be changed

The oldest cheat program is level unlocker. It has been used from the beginning of the scene. The bad thing is that you cannot see who is using and who not. That's why it's almost an acceptable cheat. Almost everybody has it and even uses it. It's not yet published for everybody though, should it be? Internal level unlocker is released, actually you don't need any program to get internals as externals to train difficult parts. Instructions for extracting them you find on FAQ. It's more fair that everybody has the levels than only the most active players.

The first widely spread cheat patch was called and it was for Across. It allowed you to spin rapidly and gas more. Also you don't have to collect apples to finish levels. Immortality isn't included. World Records you cannot cheat with this but total times if you don't have to give replays for the updater. That was the reason why we had to close most lists on Moposite when the patch was released. Nowadays hardly anyone is using it and it's not a problem anymore.

Stateditor was the first cheat thingie for Elma. It gives you an opportunite to edit your state.dat. The changes in state.dat can be detected if replays are asked. Also that riskful editing can save you only 0.02 so it's not a good method anyway. Statedinting can be also used in a legal way if there're bug times or some else errors in state.dat (download Bug time remover).

Nitro patch is the most popular cheat program. In fact it itself isn't a cheat although you can drive insane drives with immortality, high acceleration, spinning, gravity and bigger maps because the counter adds 10mins each of you times. Nitro patch also allows you to merge two single replays to one multi replay and thereby you can compare which one is better in the parts where the other one sucks. Also slow motion in watching replays is supported. What makes Nitro a cheat is its opportunity to help on making a real cheat program just with some programming knowledge.

The biggest cheating spectacle was when Weird-AAL and mrDJ got caught. They used Nitro-like program which just doesn't add those 10mins to your times. They got nine WRs to table #59 before they got noticed. Also they cracked state.dats with stateditor.

28 Dec 2002: milagros and MGen developed a new cheat detech tool and many new players got caught. EML and Nostrada got caught again and they are banned from the Moposite lists forever. mrickx had cheated all his WRs and even used other nicks (Tutin, Quido) to send in more WRs. Also Karlis, zyntifox, Totalnew, Elmander and oizo! had cheated some WRs. Cheating methods are not for public but EML, Nostrada and mrickx used some kind of harder cheating and therefore they will be banned (mrickx got 12 months). There were some other cheat stuff (not so serious) in external contest etc. but those people didn't get into the Black list (but we remember them anyway). All cheat times will be fixed or removed. Read more.

5 Aug 2004: some people spread DarMoeD's replays and one of them ended up to milagros. After analyzing it with the tools milagros had made he found that DarMoeD is cheating. Thus we caught the "best" Elma player ever. He had cheated all his 56 WRs and WCup4 victory. Also most of the battle victories and other contest records. DarMoeD doesn't deny the accusations. He used the saveload: once you drive a good start you can save it and then play the next part of the level and again save when it's good and so on. More on Mopolauta. Download some of his inhuman replays >>

Dyrox has created several fake identities and edited his state.dats in during 2002-2006.

It's well-known that many kuskis have never paid for Elma, it's so easy to get the game for free. Elma is such a good game that you really should give that tiny amount of money. Why not buy the Elma CD? You are a freak (if you are reading this) who has played Elma more than any other game, isn't this a good enough reason to buy it? Show your appreciation >>

You can mail the urls of the web pages that includes Elma warez to, thanks.
"It's just a game."
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