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16:24 EET (GMT+2)
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New versions?

Will Balazs make any new Elma version(s)? When will Elma 2.0 come? Do we have any hope?

Let's make this clear: Balázs is an adult who has much more to do than just Elma in his life. But he hasn't said the last word so we still do have hope. Another solution is to use unofficial patches made by Elma players.

Here is a list about the things we on Moposite would like to see in possible new versions of Elma:

  • 50-100 brand new levels. It should be so that NONE of the old levels are used for the next version. That because it's annoying if you have played much one track in Across 1.1 & 1.2 or Elma and then you have to play it again. And no speedloops please.
  • Only use the sky as the background in the internals, bricks are annoying for eyes.
  • Water traps
  • Remembers settings after closing elma (like map [on/off], time [on/off], position of the cursor in replay menu).
  • Better protection/crypting for state.dat
  • When you go to the Save Replay screen, the filename would be inserted there, so you don't have to guess which level you were playing.
  • External level list could be a table where stands level name, file name, designer, best time, best time's driver, driving date, level designing date, link to more statistics, used lgr and all other necessary info.
  • If you select a lev, the game would show all the recs you have for that lev.
  • Some online mode(s) like gaming over internet and intranet, maybe elma server (battles)? Could be a multiplayer-patch so the regular game file doesn't expand too much.
  • Ability to play multiplayer with two computer like the current multimode but both would have own screen.
  • To be able to hold down on the "Page Down/Up" button to get to the bottom or top of the list of recs or levs quicker like in Across.
  • Longer replays, over 10 minutes or even unlimited.
  • Exact time in replays! ctrl-alt-enter must work perfectly!
  • Infomartion in replays: driver name, time :), driven date.
  • It would also be nice to get rid of the ancient 8-char limit on filenames.
  • Different grounds like ice and mud (only in external levels?) to slow the bike.
  • When choosing a rec or lev file inside Elma, you could access any directory on your PC so that you don't have to copy Elma into several dirs so that in one you could play OLPs, in another your own externals, then in third your best friend's externals, the fourth for World Cup etc (same with replays).
  • Ability to change LGRs inside the game.
  • Ability to delete whatever time u want in all externals and internals.
  • Fixing a state merging: if you merge a state where are more than one same time in one level the merging doesn't work well.
  • state.dat back-upping
  • Undo button
  • More shortcut keys
  • Remove the limit of vertexes/polygons.
  • Possibility to cut and connect different polygons.
  • Possibility to make circles, ellipses, squares etc.
  • Possibility to copy polygons, even more if you could copy a polygon from some other lev and then paste it to some other.
  • Possibility to rotate polygons and make mirror polygons.
  • Possibility to set the position of vertex manually (set x and y cordinates).
  • Possibility to get a grid in editor.
  • Possibility to move polygons.
  • Possibility to change the size of polygon afterwards.
  • Possibility to open several levels in the editor same time.
Better Statistics
  • Own statistics for different players in state.dat
  • Efficiency
    • Warm Up
      • Started the level 100 times (you have started the level 100 times)
      • Finished 93 times | 93.000%
      • Broken a personal record 19 times | 19.000%
    • Flat Track
      • Started the level 60 times
      • Finished 23 times | 38.333%
      • Broken a personal record 6 times | 10.000%
    • ....
    • all levels
      • Started the levels 3000 times
      • Finished 1890 times | 63.000%
      • Broken a personal record 340 times | 11.333%
  • Death counter (so how many times you have died)
    • To the killer: xx | yy.yyy%
    • To the ground: xx | yy.yyy%
    • By pressing ESC: xx | yy.yyy%
    • Other (?)
    • --------------------
    • Finish to the flower: xx
  • Time- and kilometre counters which show how much you have driven
    • Warm Up: 3223 hours, 56 mins, 43.33 secs | 4433.398 km
    • Flat Track: 4 hours, 23 mins, 10.01 secs | 33.890 km
    • ....
    • All levels: 9001 hours, 1 mins, 34.67 secs | 12990.564km
  • Average times of top 10
  • The most popular track (simply: which levels you have driven most, its percentage out of all levels [so if you have driven 200 drives: Warm Up 100 drives, Flat Track 60 drives and Spiral 40 drives, your statistics would look like this
    • Total drives: 200
    • Warm Up: 100 (50%)
    • Flat Track: 60 (30%)
    • Twin Peaks: 0 (0%)
    • Over and Under: 0 (0%)
    • ....
    • Spiral: 40 (20%)
    • Turnaround: 0 (0%)
    • ...
Not wanted
  • "better" graphics
  • turbo boost or teleports in any case
  • 3-D in any case!
  • gravity apples (but if there must be ones, there should be some kind of arrows inside the apple showing to which direction it changes the gravity).
  • gears or tuning up
If you have some other ideas and want them to be included this page, visit the Mopolauta and suggest your ideas. You can also send a mail to
Never lose the hope

We have a dream
Keep on discussion about possible new versions of Elma in Mopolauta.

In old forum we had two treads, read them if you are interested in. #01, #02
Copyright by Lassi Heikkinen and Pekka Tahkola, 1998-2004. All rights reserved.